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Privacy and Compliance Across Your Martech Stack

Preference Management Shouldn't be a Full-time Job

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Why You Need a Centralized Preference Management Center

Have you found yourself dedicating more and more time to making lead preference changes across your martech stack? This doesn’t need to be your full-time Marketing Operations job, nor should it be. We have three words to save your sanity–Centralized Preference Management.

Save time, money, and stress by:

  • Creating a master data set of contact privacy and communication preferences.
  • Making the most up-to-date contact preferences available to every application in as close to real-time as possible but within 24 hours.
  • Ensuring traceability of privacy and preference changes (as required by law).

Download our report and get:

  • 6 Steps to Send New Preferences to a Central Service
  • A Centralized Preference Center Data Flow

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