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Kelly Jo Horton

Senior Client Partner,

Kelly is a skilled and dedicated 2X Marketo Champion, Marketo Fearless 50, and Marketo Certified Solutions Architect who is passionate about client support, words, travel, coffee, and last but not least, the Oxford comma.

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Jamye Breidenbach

Marketing Operations Sr. Consultant,

Jamye comes from the Enterprise B2B world of sales and marketing operations. With a coffee mug bigger than her head, she’s ready to help with operational efficiencies, standard work, continuous improvements, and problem solving.

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Scaling Your Martech Stack and Team from Startup to Enterprise

Walk away from this webinar knowing:
  • How to choose the right tools at each stage of marketing and sales maturity
  • How and when to grow your Marketing Operations team

Watch the On-Demand Version of this Series

Watch this informative webinar series on how to scale your MOPs team and MarTech stack

The scalability of your business will depend greatly on your ability to address both your Marketing Ops team & your MarTech stack. This two-part webinar series will take you through the ins and outs of formulating the right team and grabbing the right tech to create actionable steps toward the best growth opportunities for your business.