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Vinny Sosa

Head of DevMOPs at Etumos

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Rusty Hall, Moderator

Client Success Manager at Etumos

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Simple Solutions to Complex MOPs Problems

Learn how to solve some of the peskiest MOPs problems Etumos' clients face and walk away knowing how to:
  • Approach solving the limited capabilities of your MOPs platforms
  • Better standardize your data within Marketo
  • Fight SPAM with strategies you might not already know

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Do More with Your Exisiting Stack

Ever run up against something as a MOP professional that should be an easy problem to solve but just...isn't? Or maybe an area where you are constantly banging your head against the top of the box of the out-of-box functionality?

Listen to Vinny Sosa, Etumos' head of DevMOPs explore ways to work with your exisiting stack, extend its capabilities using Flowboost and solve some of the problems we see crop up again and again with Etumos clients.