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Responsive Marketo Landing Page Template

The Etumos Responsive Landing Page

The demand for responsive is here. There's no turning back. New devices emerge, and user experience must adapt. How do you want to engage with your leads? How scalable and responsive are your landing pages as we head past the mobile tipping point?

The Etumos Marketo Responsive Landing Page templates are robustly-built with consistent landing pages, thank you pages, and fulfillment emails. Our favorite key features include:

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.0
  • Best practices tokenization (the key to scalability!), out of the box
  • Multiple different page layouts to choose from

No more separate mobile LPs. No more separate desktop LPs. It’s time to be scalable.

Download the Responsive Marketo Landing Page Template:

Includes both the raw HTML version, and Marketo-ready tokenized version.